Six Reasons You Need to Outsource From E-Commerce Fulfillment Companies

After having an online store, you need to bring about greater efficiency in day-to-day tasks. To successfully pick, pack and ship online orders from customers, it has become quite necessary to outsources e-commerce fulfillment services and solutions from professional fulfillment centers such as Spectra Integration. Partnering with reputed logistics and integrated fulfillment companies can help you make the most of the profits and outstanding results produced by dedicated e-commerce fulfillment solutions.

To ensure that your e-commerce store is able to generate the required profits and revenues, professional e-commerce fulfillment companies can help implement the right strategies for your business and offer you an extended range of services to fulfill customer orders. Especially with online stores, customers order products and materials in bulk, due to which it becomes quite a daunting and time-consuming task for businesses to accurately prepare orders and timely deliver them to customers or distributors. Thus, to help online businesses grow, e-commerce fulfillment companies work with third-party logistic companies to bring the necessary elements together, to accurately pack and prepare your orders, and to efficiently distribute and deliver the kits and orders to your customers and/or retailers.

Online retail fulfillment is a great way to save money and significantly improve service levels and the brand experience to your customers. This is where most e-commerce businesses can save a lot of time and money in picking, packing and shipping orders and delivering them to different locations. On a broader perspective, you can offer your business with a range of benefits when you consider outsourcing order fulfillment jobs to e-commerce fulfillment companies and hire their experts. The following are some of the enlisted business advantages when you hire e-commerce fulfillment experts from reputed order fulfillment centers.

  • Saves shipping costs

For online retailers or stores, shipping costs are quite a huge expense to incur. Shipping is an inevitable cost where most e-businesses find it difficult to save up on. Third party fulfillment companies can help your online businesses fetch better freight rates. This is because order fulfillment centers take up fulfillment tasks from various businesses and therefore, pick, pack, and ship orders in bulk. When bulk orders are taken up by fulfillment companies, they are in a good position to reduce shipping costs for businesses and get orders shipped and distributed at meager costs. Due to the collective shipping volume and bulk warehousing facilities, your e-businesses has a great opportunity to save shipping costs, apart from benefitting drastically from other e-commerce fulfillment services.

  • Faster and timely deliveries

When it comes to fulfilling orders for small businesses and startups, outsourcing such tasks to third party logistic providers allows such small-scale enterprises to reach out to their respective markets and other unexplored audiences. It is not always possible for a business to reach out to customers or distributors in different localities. Professional fulfillment centers save businesses from this hassle as they are totally equipped to distribute and ship orders to customers and retailers in different locations and deliver items at a greater speed. Quick and on-time deliveries made by professional fulfillment centers greatly help businesses establish a favorable impression for their customers and expand their prospects for the near future.

  • Lower operating costs

Apart from just the shipping expenses, fulfillment companies can also cut down operating expenses for your business. When you use a third party, many expenses become shared among all the customers using the facility – including labor, rent, equipment, utilities and other overhead.It also saves you from hiring manpower, collecting resources, or managing warehouse employees to fulfill and distribute orders for customers and retailers. A lot of your operating expenses are shared and distributedamongst businesses by fulfillment companies. Thus, you can aim to achieve better returns on investment and make sure that your operating costs and other expenses are kept to a minimal.

  • Pay for what you want

Running your own warehouse includes a lot of fixed overhead expenses. And most expenses need to be paid each month, regardless of the number of customer orders you need to prepare and ship. However, pricing from a third party fulfillment partner is typically activity based. This means you only incur costs when you have an order, otherwise, you don’t need to spend on anything that your business doesn’t require in the current situation. Plus, you’re not locked into building leases or other long-term financial commitments.

  • Better inventory management

To make your business run better, fulfillment centers are fully equipped with the best tools, latest technology, and integrated inventory management system that can track the flow of your order fulfillment process. Effective inventory management comes to great use when you have materials stored up in bulk but cannot really be used currently for preparing customers or retailer orders. You can store such materials and put them to good use in the future to fulfill bulk orders. This includes seamless integration with your sales channels and other management tools that optimize tasks like carrier selection and inventory optimization. With the right technology and advanced management systems, you can bring greater efficiency in the order fulfillment strategies.

  • Improve returns and customer satisfaction

Availing cost-effective e-fulfillment services from professional fulfillment centers is undoubtedly a great way of improving returns on investment for your business. You can cut down on costs and still manage to pick, pack and ship orders to your customers and retailers in an accurate and timely manner. Also, on-time and high-quality deliveries increase levels of customer satisfaction that leads to an improved status and reputation for your brand, along with an extensive and wider reach of your products and services.

Outsourcing your e-commerce fulfillment orders to professional order fulfillment centers is the key to achieving your business goals and improves service levels to your customers or distributors. At affordable prices, e-fulfillment solutions are a great way of marketing your products and improve your brand status and business reputation eventually.


Benefits of Utilizing Integrated Fulfillment Services for Your Business

The need for integrated fulfillment services has greatly boosted the marketing efforts of various small and large businesses around the world. It is due to this effective marketing and ability to produce higher returns and profits that professional integrated fulfillment centers have now started offering a diverse range of services and solutions to help companies make the most of the order fulfillment strategies.

There are a lot of perks of hiring or outsourcing services for a professional integrated fulfillment process for your business. With the added facilities and resources that certain fulfillment centers provide, the outsourcing option is specifically an interactive one to get business orders undertaken, completed, shipped or distributed as per your need and requirements. Outsourcing order fulfillment process services from integrated fulfillment centers or third parties can greatly help reduce business costs and actually improve operational efficiency to a great extent, and there are a lot of ways how professional order fulfillment services can help you to achieve just this for your business.

For merchants who do not have their businesses equipped with all the facilities required for free and smooth order fulfillment processes, specialized integrated fulfillment companies can effectively help you deal with fulfilling whatever requirements you might have. Whether it is that you lack storage facilities, distribution services, or can’t cope with your shipping needs, hiring expert order fulfillment services can be the key to successful order shipping and distribution solutions.

Here are a few of the advantages that you can reap from outsourcing integrated fulfillment processes from professional companies. These are good enough reasons to encourage you to hire services from providers and fulfillment centers that know how to do everything in just the right way and in a timely manner.

Assisting marketing efforts

Hiring integrated fulfillment experts to carry out order management tasks and order fulfillment processes is a great way of boost your company’s marketing efforts and/or promotional campaigns. Most businesses have started using fulfillment services and solutions from third party logistic companies and corporate fulfillment centers that can assist their marketing activities. During marketing and promotional campaigns, a lot of businesses indulge in boosting their efforts by preparing personalized customer kits and delivering them to long-term customers or loyal clients. As a great marketing strategy, availing professional fulfillment services can lay a strong foundation for your company’s overall promotional strategies.

Saves space

With the inventory management facilities and warehousing services offered by corporate fulfillment centers, it is perfect if you wish to store materials, kits and other components in the inventory facilities that they provide. This saves you from the burden and costs of storing kits and materials at your official facilities, thus saving up quite some valuable space for your business to perform other operations and tasks. You can free up space in your own availability and make more room for your operations to run and operate smoothly, while you can store additional materials and goods at the warehouses provided by professional fulfillment companies.

Professional kitting

Preparing kits and customer orders is one of the main opening stages of an integrated order fulfillment process. With professional kitting services, you can easily ship media kits, product launch materials or even product samples anywhere in the world. Also, kitting experts prepare customers’ orders and material kits with great accuracy and detail, which allows them to never go wrong with the way they prepare and deliver kits to customers. If you wish to impress customers and clients by preparing and delivering orders precisely and on time, then availing professional kitting services from fulfillment companies is the best way to do that.

Quality control

To ensure accuracy and quality in the orders that are processed and delivered to your customers and clients at different locations, experts from fulfillment companies have a habit of assessing the quality and flow of the order fulfillment process at each and every stage that is carried out. There is better quality control when you hire experts for your order fulfillment procedures as they have a series of quality control checks that ensure the high standards of quality and the level of accuracy that is required to prepare, pack, and ship customer orders on a timely basis.


Services offered by corporate or e-fulfillment companies are affordable, making them a cost-effective measure in not just the field of marketing but also in order preparation and fulfillment procedures. Because fulfillment centers take up orders in bulk from different businesses, the company costs for you are almost slashed and come down to awaylessernumber than what you would expect. You can get everything done at minimal prices with the efficiency and affordability offered by various integrated fulfillment centers around you. This cost-effective measure has been a great encouragement for companies looking to broaden their marketing aspects in cost-friendly and affordable ways.

Track your materials

Now that you have hired experts from a leading fulfillment center does not mean that you have been barred from being an integral part of their order fulfillment process. As a business owner, although you have handed over the responsibility to a third party company, does not mean that you have no authority to check and assess the efficiency and professionalism that is maintained throughout the order fulfillment process. You can easily track your materials and have a control check over each and every step of the fulfillment process so that you know whether or not everything is being handled with care.

Focus on other areas

Especially for small scale enterprises and startups, it is usually feasible to hire experts and let them manage and handle your company’s order fulfillment process. This allows them to focus on other important areas of the business without having to spend time, effort or money in preparing, packing and shipping orders to customers. Instead of adding extra staff to move and handle excess inventory, or assemble kits, your employees can focus on making or marketing your products, increasing sales and expanding your business. You can let fulfillment experts pick, pack and ship orders while maintaining accuracy, speed and highest standards of quality in whatever they do.

Tips to choosing the ideal integrated fulfillment company:

To receive the best services, the following tips can help you choose and hire the right integrated fulfillment company for your business requirements.

Check track record

The track record of the company says a lot about the quality of fulfillment services and the type of experts and professionals that can assist you with your order fulfillment needs. Check the track record of the company by going through their portfolios, customers’ reviews, and feedback and check the history and background of that particular company.

Check the pick-error rate

Not all order fulfillment companies are equal and produce equally well results for businesses. Check for the company’s pick-error rate in the order fulfillment projects that they take up from companies around the world. A good success ratio may still not be a clear and distinctive reflection of the way they work and the professional attitude that they maintain. Ask for their average pickerror rates to assess the ratio of their success along with the chances of errors that their professionals go through while the order fulfillment process is on, right from picking materials to delivering orders.

Check their process

Every fulfillment company has a standard order fulfillment process that they follow. Check the flow of their fulfillment process and how it has helped various other clients and businesses across the globe. A good fulfillment center should have a well-documented and time-tested process for delivering the right items on time, every time.  Any company that has such a process knows that it sets them apart from the competition, and should be proud to show it to you.

Talk to their support team

You need to be assisted at any time, regardless of the day or hour of the night that you contact them. Because you are a business owner and have complete authority to track the flow and success of your order fulfillment process, make sure the company can give you access to their chat or support team that can assist you with any queries and problems at any hour of the day or night. Also, choosing a company with an established support or technical assistance group can reduce redundancies and other chances of errors and mistakes that could occur due to miscommunication, etc.

Ask for references

Ask people around you for any direct reference that they may have with fulfillment companies in the past. Ask current customers or any sales person for some references as they could be the best resource for you to judge and determine the efficiency and reputation of a fulfillment center.

Outstanding services offered by integrated fulfillment companies can be a great way of expanding your business prospects and explore various marketing opportunities in future. Reach out to a larger consumer market by hiring fulfillment experts and make the best use of order and e-fulfillment services and solutions at the best prices.

What Makes a Fulfillment Company Ideal for Business Success?

Similar to the demand and supply concept in economics, businesses also find this concept as the driving principle. The requirement determines the demand for a product in the market, whereas supply indicates the offering of the market to the customers. Hence, for the market to be stuffed with necessary stocks, it is important to make available the required goods and products. Often the requirement for products goes quite high and businesses find the need of helpers to deal with the situation. It is in these situations that professionals of a fulfillment company provide the helping hand for businesses. These fulfillment companies provide the required products as and when required to meet the demands of the customers.

For any business, supply chain management remains as an important function. However, there could be situations where doing all the tasks simultaneously becomes a difficulty. It is in these situations that the services from fulfillment company professionals come as a great hope for business owners. With a low workload ensures that the firm has less pressure and the tasks are performed smoothly. But the complication increases as soon as businesses go to national and international level. Due to limited customers, a local business finds the production rate limiting. However, the overall scenario changes with business expansion as the customer base increases, while improving the production rate of goods. However, hiring the services of a fulfillment company ensures that the responsibility is divided and that helps business owners in smooth conducting of the business.

Working as an important agency, a fulfillment company acts as an important section in the working of the business firm. The basic functions that these agencies provide include inventory management, receiving of goods, warehousing, keeping records, product delivery, handling customer queries and keeping records of different transactions. The working of a fulfillment company is no different from the working of other firms. A business needs to consider several factors before selecting a specific fulfillment company. The factors could be a number of orders, kind of goods to handle, and others.

It is important for a business owner to remain careful while selecting an appropriate fulfillment company. Although one could find many fulfillment services on the market, but not all are trustworthy. It is the kind of services offered by a fulfillment house that that determines the quality of services and goods that you deliver to your customers. Hence, a business owner needs to see that their reputation does not get sullied due to negligence on the part of the fulfillment company. It is the timeliness, market reputation, and the quality of functions offered that are the main basis on which a fulfillment company is selected.

Through order fulfillment, it is possible to meet the requirements and desires of customers, and ensure the reputation of the business in the market they are working for. Hence, for expansion of business, it is necessary to keep the risks and complications that come with the business and make a search to find a suitable fulfillment company that provides the required services depending on the type of goods manufactured.

Why Outsourcing E-Commerce Fulfillment Services is the Best Option

With the growing need and popularity of order fulfillment services, online stores now have an easier alternative to ensure that customer orders are prepared, processed, fulfilled and delivered in the most efficient manner possible. A large number of companies offer e-commerce fulfillment services that take care of order packing and shipping, along with providing storage and warehousing facilities.580e04cff38d5f9f2358d02f2

Your online store can stand to receive a lot of benefits by outsourcing specialized e-commerce fulfillment services. Specialized e-commerce order fulfillment centers provide a range of facilities that includes services right from pick, pack, and ship, to delivering and storing excess items and goods for future use. With the extensive number of day-to-day tasks of your business, it is always advisable that you hand over the responsibility of packing and fulfilling customer orders to experts who are skilled and trained in packing and delivering items on time and by maintaining the best standards of quality.

Below are some of the reasons why you should hire a specialized e-commerce fulfillment center to take care of order fulfillment procedures and processes for your online business:

Low shipping costs

You get better freight rates when you get customer orders fulfilled through third party vendors or e-commerce fulfillment centers. This is because such centers take orders in large volumes from various different online stores and businesses. Overall, the freight charges become distributed and shared amongst all the online stores the center has partnered with, leading to lower shipping costs and freight charges. The fulfillment center will have partnered not just with your company but with various other businesses too, thus allowing you to ship goods at cheaper rates.

Timely deliveries

It might not always be possible for you to ship and deliver items to customers located in various different regions. To ease this effort for various businesses, e-commerce order fulfillment centers have personnel and facilities stationed at various different locations, which gives you the freedom to expand your market and also deliver items to customers who are not in the vicinity of your business region. This also allows for faster shipping and delivery of customer orders, which is only better for your business in the long run.

Lower operating costs

Again, because a lot of expenses and charges are shared amongst various businesses, you shell out very less on other operating expenses such as labor, rent, equipment, utilities, etc. Warehousing and storage facilities are also available at much lower prices that can help you store goods that have not been purchased or processed through to customers.

Better inventory management

One of the most important reasons why professional e-commerce fulfillment centers can be beneficial for your online store is because of the integrated inventory management system. Managing and taking care of your business inventories is an extremely important step in the order fulfillment process. Specialized centers follow a comprehensive and integrated method of managing and handling inventories and use better and advanced technology to ensure seamless operation or sales channels and other order management tasks.

Better customer service

The key to keeping customers happy and satisfied with your e-business is by fulfilling their orders perfectly and ensure that their items and kits reach them on-time and with quality. Speed, accuracy, and timely deliveries comprise the efficiency of e-commerce fulfillment centers. Fulfilling customer orders with accuracy and making timely deliveries can help your business with better customer service and returns.

Specialized and professional e-commerce fulfillment services are the best if you think about a better future for your business in the long run. Order fulfillment and management is a process that requires expert skill, training, and knowledge. Therefore, outsourcing expert e-commerce order fulfillment solutions can be your key to expanding your business reach and retain more and more customers.