Six Reasons You Need to Outsource From E-Commerce Fulfillment Companies

After having an online store, you need to bring about greater efficiency in day-to-day tasks. To successfully pick, pack and ship online orders from customers, it has become quite necessary to outsources e-commerce fulfillment services and solutions from professional fulfillment centers such as Spectra Integration. Partnering with reputed logistics and integrated fulfillment companies can help you make the most of the profits and outstanding results produced by dedicated e-commerce fulfillment solutions.

To ensure that your e-commerce store is able to generate the required profits and revenues, professional e-commerce fulfillment companies can help implement the right strategies for your business and offer you an extended range of services to fulfill customer orders. Especially with online stores, customers order products and materials in bulk, due to which it becomes quite a daunting and time-consuming task for businesses to accurately prepare orders and timely deliver them to customers or distributors. Thus, to help online businesses grow, e-commerce fulfillment companies work with third-party logistic companies to bring the necessary elements together, to accurately pack and prepare your orders, and to efficiently distribute and deliver the kits and orders to your customers and/or retailers.

Online retail fulfillment is a great way to save money and significantly improve service levels and the brand experience to your customers. This is where most e-commerce businesses can save a lot of time and money in picking, packing and shipping orders and delivering them to different locations. On a broader perspective, you can offer your business with a range of benefits when you consider outsourcing order fulfillment jobs to e-commerce fulfillment companies and hire their experts. The following are some of the enlisted business advantages when you hire e-commerce fulfillment experts from reputed order fulfillment centers.

  • Saves shipping costs

For online retailers or stores, shipping costs are quite a huge expense to incur. Shipping is an inevitable cost where most e-businesses find it difficult to save up on. Third party fulfillment companies can help your online businesses fetch better freight rates. This is because order fulfillment centers take up fulfillment tasks from various businesses and therefore, pick, pack, and ship orders in bulk. When bulk orders are taken up by fulfillment companies, they are in a good position to reduce shipping costs for businesses and get orders shipped and distributed at meager costs. Due to the collective shipping volume and bulk warehousing facilities, your e-businesses has a great opportunity to save shipping costs, apart from benefitting drastically from other e-commerce fulfillment services.

  • Faster and timely deliveries

When it comes to fulfilling orders for small businesses and startups, outsourcing such tasks to third party logistic providers allows such small-scale enterprises to reach out to their respective markets and other unexplored audiences. It is not always possible for a business to reach out to customers or distributors in different localities. Professional fulfillment centers save businesses from this hassle as they are totally equipped to distribute and ship orders to customers and retailers in different locations and deliver items at a greater speed. Quick and on-time deliveries made by professional fulfillment centers greatly help businesses establish a favorable impression for their customers and expand their prospects for the near future.

  • Lower operating costs

Apart from just the shipping expenses, fulfillment companies can also cut down operating expenses for your business. When you use a third party, many expenses become shared among all the customers using the facility – including labor, rent, equipment, utilities and other overhead.It also saves you from hiring manpower, collecting resources, or managing warehouse employees to fulfill and distribute orders for customers and retailers. A lot of your operating expenses are shared and distributedamongst businesses by fulfillment companies. Thus, you can aim to achieve better returns on investment and make sure that your operating costs and other expenses are kept to a minimal.

  • Pay for what you want

Running your own warehouse includes a lot of fixed overhead expenses. And most expenses need to be paid each month, regardless of the number of customer orders you need to prepare and ship. However, pricing from a third party fulfillment partner is typically activity based. This means you only incur costs when you have an order, otherwise, you don’t need to spend on anything that your business doesn’t require in the current situation. Plus, you’re not locked into building leases or other long-term financial commitments.

  • Better inventory management

To make your business run better, fulfillment centers are fully equipped with the best tools, latest technology, and integrated inventory management system that can track the flow of your order fulfillment process. Effective inventory management comes to great use when you have materials stored up in bulk but cannot really be used currently for preparing customers or retailer orders. You can store such materials and put them to good use in the future to fulfill bulk orders. This includes seamless integration with your sales channels and other management tools that optimize tasks like carrier selection and inventory optimization. With the right technology and advanced management systems, you can bring greater efficiency in the order fulfillment strategies.

  • Improve returns and customer satisfaction

Availing cost-effective e-fulfillment services from professional fulfillment centers is undoubtedly a great way of improving returns on investment for your business. You can cut down on costs and still manage to pick, pack and ship orders to your customers and retailers in an accurate and timely manner. Also, on-time and high-quality deliveries increase levels of customer satisfaction that leads to an improved status and reputation for your brand, along with an extensive and wider reach of your products and services.

Outsourcing your e-commerce fulfillment orders to professional order fulfillment centers is the key to achieving your business goals and improves service levels to your customers or distributors. At affordable prices, e-fulfillment solutions are a great way of marketing your products and improve your brand status and business reputation eventually.


What Makes a Fulfillment Company Ideal for Business Success?

Similar to the demand and supply concept in economics, businesses also find this concept as the driving principle. The requirement determines the demand for a product in the market, whereas supply indicates the offering of the market to the customers. Hence, for the market to be stuffed with necessary stocks, it is important to make available the required goods and products. Often the requirement for products goes quite high and businesses find the need of helpers to deal with the situation. It is in these situations that professionals of a fulfillment company provide the helping hand for businesses. These fulfillment companies provide the required products as and when required to meet the demands of the customers.

For any business, supply chain management remains as an important function. However, there could be situations where doing all the tasks simultaneously becomes a difficulty. It is in these situations that the services from fulfillment company professionals come as a great hope for business owners. With a low workload ensures that the firm has less pressure and the tasks are performed smoothly. But the complication increases as soon as businesses go to national and international level. Due to limited customers, a local business finds the production rate limiting. However, the overall scenario changes with business expansion as the customer base increases, while improving the production rate of goods. However, hiring the services of a fulfillment company ensures that the responsibility is divided and that helps business owners in smooth conducting of the business.

Working as an important agency, a fulfillment company acts as an important section in the working of the business firm. The basic functions that these agencies provide include inventory management, receiving of goods, warehousing, keeping records, product delivery, handling customer queries and keeping records of different transactions. The working of a fulfillment company is no different from the working of other firms. A business needs to consider several factors before selecting a specific fulfillment company. The factors could be a number of orders, kind of goods to handle, and others.

It is important for a business owner to remain careful while selecting an appropriate fulfillment company. Although one could find many fulfillment services on the market, but not all are trustworthy. It is the kind of services offered by a fulfillment house that that determines the quality of services and goods that you deliver to your customers. Hence, a business owner needs to see that their reputation does not get sullied due to negligence on the part of the fulfillment company. It is the timeliness, market reputation, and the quality of functions offered that are the main basis on which a fulfillment company is selected.

Through order fulfillment, it is possible to meet the requirements and desires of customers, and ensure the reputation of the business in the market they are working for. Hence, for expansion of business, it is necessary to keep the risks and complications that come with the business and make a search to find a suitable fulfillment company that provides the required services depending on the type of goods manufactured.

Selecting The Best Order Fulfillment Company For Your E-commerce Business

For those who are into eCommerce business would find outsourcing as one of the best ways to make good use of the working time in fulfilling other important tasks. You need vendors to complete the orders in a professional and timely manner if you are selling or buying office supplies, running a clothing business, or performing services. After all, getting services of a fulfillment company is as important a necessity as selecting managers to get your company running successfully. They will work as a backbone to your business.


If your e-commerce business has been growing successfully and reached a point that requires you to use your valuable time in fulfilling orders as well as packing and shipping job, it would make sense to hire the services of a fulfillment company. In addition to working on your shipping process, the fulfillment company can help you in organizing your business, like liquidating inventory. Other than packing and shipping, they will often monitor your inventory and also keep you updated on sales made on the Internet. One can search and find a good number of fulfillment companies that are reputed to provide top quality services, with the added service of 24-hour guarantees. When it comes to selecting the right vendor for your e-commerce order fulfillment service, you need to take the decision to find the best one that fulfills your specific needs well.

It would do well to select a well-organized and well-reputed order fulfillment company to successfully run your e-commerce business for your order fulfillment. Begin by listing the main features that need to be incorporated in your fulfillment center. Once you find out a company that can fulfill your business needs now as well as in future, do the necessary research on the company. Try finding testimonials of clients that the company has previously worked with. Do your own follow-up work by meeting these clients yourself to get an impartial opinion on the services provided by the fulfillment company. Select the company that is noted for short turnover time. In most of the cases, the time taken should not be more than 24-hours time for fulfilling the orders. There are many fulfillment companies that would give guarantees on the amount of time required for processing, which goes a long way in providing customer satisfaction. Find a company that lets you store your goods on their property itself. The possibility of storing inventory offsite makes small business owners to work with more products as there will be no limitation of storage spaces. The vendor selected for fulfilling orders must provide real-time tracking facility to help keep a tab on your orders. This would help both the business owner and the fulfillment company to keep a check on the status of the order all the time on the Internet.

The selection of the right fulfillment vendor for your e-commerce order fulfillment means more time for the business owner in thinking other important aspects of the e-commerce business. You will benefit in more ways than you have thought of.

Benefits of Outsourcing Services from a Fulfillment Company

It is not always possible to undertake, handle and manage fulfillment orders for your company. You might feel that you do not have the necessary resources, manpower or the time to manage fulfillment orders that might otherwise prove extremely profitable for your company’s growth. In such cases, fulfillment companies offer great advantages to corporate houses in terms of customizing, packing, storage, shipping and other value-added facilities.

Outsourcing services from a fulfillment company offers great benefits when it comes to saving costs, time and effort. Also, as a business, you can lay your focus on other important areas rather than focusing on packing and shipping tasks which can easily be given to a group of experts to handle and at very reasonable prices too. You can make your business perform the best when it comes to fulfilling orders and delivering promotional items, kits, and materials to your customers wherever they are using the efficiency and effective of a fulfillment company’s services and solutions.


You will find a large number of reputed and recognized fulfillment companies that can provide you with cost-effective solutions for your business. Such fulfillment companies largely help in the growth of your business activities and offer a strong base and support to your promotional and marketing campaigns. Below are a few reasons that state the need to hire or outsource services and facilities from a fulfillment company, and why those services can make a huge difference to your business plans and goals.

Focus on other business activities

You can let experts handle various important tasks such as packing and shipping of orders, moving inventories, storing excess goods and products, etc. and let your focus grow into other important areas of the business. You can then concentrate on other grounds of marketing, promoting and increasing your business sales, while other fulfillment orders and jobs are taken care of by the fulfillment services provider.

You can use the latest technology

Fulfillment companies already have their advanced and technological systems right in place to effectively manage your fulfillment orders and responsibilities. Instead of spending your money on software and programmers, you can let your fulfillment jobs be taken care of by expert fulfillment centers that know how to do it right and in the best manner. With the latest e-commerce and web-based solutions offered by such centers, you would not feel the need for more cutting-edge solutions and marketing services for your business.

Efficient storage and distribution

Fulfillment centers follow a very streamlines process when it comes to distribution and effective management when it comes to storage. Such companies are well-equipped with their transportation, shipping and other transit facilities that can help reduce considerable costs and delivery time for your business. Filament centers focus on receiving, organizing and storing your inventories as long as you have a partnership deal with them, which turns out only profitable for the business in efficiently managing, storing and distributing the items to your customers in the most convenient way possible.

The above are just a few of the many benefits that fulfillment companies provide to businesses. Outsourcing services from fulfillment companies have become cost-efficient options for various small and large businesses, including startups. It is definitely a great way to market your business name and promote your activities by making the best use of their customized and promotional items, and their efficient and on time order fulfillment services and delivery facilities.

The Many Benefits Of Warehousing And Fulfillment Services

For most businesses, storage of goods could pose a big problem when it comes to own productions or goods that are imported or meant for export. To deal with these situations, warehousing could come as a great solution. Businesses find them an easy way to store the items temporarily or to keep them on long term.

On the other hand, Fulfillment houses work on behalf of the business owner and look after client’s orders and getting products from the inventory, suppliers, business order receipts, and doing packaging and shipping after receiving orders. Depending on the agreement with the business owner, there may be cases in which these fulfillment houses work on conducting payment processing and providing after-sale support.


It is possible for the warehousing and fulfillment houses to work together in providing effective solutions to the business using its existing operations and dealing with the products. There are some real benefits when businesses take the services of warehousing and fulfillment services. These include the following:

Providing Valuable Time To Focus On Core Business Concerns

Letting the handling, orders, packaging, storage, shipping of goods and services to warehousing and fulfillment services help businesses to focus more on other business concerns. These things take up a lot of time of the owner and letting the service providers do the services give businesses the freedom to act on some of their other important jobs.  The possibility of not having to do the dreary tasks of handling and moving products is a big boost in the workings of business owners.

Helping To Reduce Staff Numbers For The Business

For any business, operational costs remain a big concern, especially for small businesses. These businesses try to find ways in reducing operational costs and one good solution in this regard is outsourcing to warehousing and fulfillment houses to take care of these services. The absence of the need for keeping up dedicated staff and without the need for managing everything by the business  make the choice all the more lucrative and necessary. And the best way to go about it is to let a single service provider take care of all the handling of business requirements instead of letting many employees do the job. The job could be agreed at a fair price as well.

Specialized Storage Facilities For The Business

Businesses would find warehousing services the right solution to deal with all their products, and that include perishable and fragile items so that they remain in good condition till they are sent to their destinations.  These service providers are known for providing different specialized facilities that help any business to get the right kind of service to deliver or to receive their products without having to worry about the end result. These facilities can ensure to deliver fresh flowers and food all through.

Lowering Shipping Costs

The real benefit of warehousing and fulfillment services could be availed if the business makes the deal with a single service provider who is skilled in handling all the business needs. With continuing business, a service provider could slash the cost involved which is another benefit for the business.

Using the two services could help in cutting the shipping costs as the courier networks work together. Every business tries to find ways to cut costs and letting a single service provider to do the job in a way that most businesses would love to go for it.

The online presence of warehousing and fulfillment services has made it easier for any business to find the best online quotes. By making comparisons of the different quotes, businesses will be in a better position to make a good choice for their business and reap the many benefits that come with it.